Why You Should Work with CAV Insurance Agency

Why You Should Work with CAV Insurance Agency


Reasons to Work with Your Local Insurer


There are so many ways to shop for car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance today. With the advancement of technology, not only do you have more ways to shop, but you can do it on your own time. However, insurance remains a complicated product. It isn’t as easy as picking a policy from a shelf. That’s why insurance agents are trained individuals who know just how to find the right coverage for your needs and budget. While there are many multi-national chains to choose from, they are unable to offer the personal care that CAV Insurance provides.


CAV Insurance is an independent broker who will have access to a wide variety of insurance products through our relationship with various carriers and Renaissance Alliance. We are not tied to one insurance company, and won’t push a certain product on you just to make a sale and hit quota. Your local agents are dedicated individuals who work for you. Take a look at just a few reasons why you should consider working with your local insurance agency.


You’re no longer just a number

When you work with CAV Insurance, you are known by your name rather than a customer number. You get to talk to and work with an individual who takes the time to understand your unique needs and wants in order to find you the right coverage. You’re never forced into a sale that isn’t right for you just to make figures go up. Instead, you are treated with the respect you deserve.


You receive quality customer service

If you have coverage questions or need to file a claim, would you rather reach an automated recording or an actual person when you call your insurance provider? More and more larger insurance companies have switched to automated systems, making it difficult and complicated to reach the right person. At CAV Insurance, you are greeted by an actual person who will assist you. If you need a file a claim, we will then walk you through the necessary steps and explain what exactly your policy covers.


We have local knowledge

CAV Insurance has been part of the community for over 50 years and is, therefore, able to use its knowledge of the community to help you better reduce your risks and protect your assets. They may even be able to provide you with seasonal tips to help you prevent incidents at home, such as getting your sump pump ready for spring.


There are many more benefits to working with CAV insurance! If you would like to speak with a Massachusetts insurance expert from CAV Insurance Agency, call us at 781-237-4107. Remember that it only takes a few minutes to get an insurance quote from CAV Insurance.