An extra layer of peace of mind

It’s not something you can predict, but unfortunately it’s a fact of life that accidents can stem from everyday activities. And they can lead to costly lawsuits. How can an umbrella policy help? These policies provide additional liability coverage, over your underlying auto, homeowners and watercraft policies. For our clients, it’s worthwhile protection from the steep financial risks we experience in a litigious society.

Are you fully covered if the unforeseen happens to you or a loved one? Here are just a few scenarios that can threaten your financial wellbeing.

What if:

  • You cause a serious car accident, multiple people are injured and property damage is extensive. An umbrella policy protects you if you are sued for medical bills and car repair costs.
  • An invited or uninvited guest is injured on your property. If he or she is hospitalized and out of work for a period of time, damages beyond your homeowners policy would be paid for by your umbrella policy.
  • Your teenager is driving a friend’s car and crashes, injuring other passengers. Any damages beyond your auto policy’s limits would be covered by your umbrella policy.
  • You’re accused of verbally assaulting someone and they sue for emotional duress. While standard homeowners coverage would not offer protection, an umbrella policy would.
  • An employee or domestic staff member is severely injured in one of your personal vehicles. Your umbrella policy protects you with higher liability coverage.

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