Special vehicles deserve specialized insurance

For people like us in the classic car hobby, our cars hold special meaning — whether we’re showing them at an event in Brookline or Weston, or enjoying the back roads of Sherborn. And more collectors are finding that their favorite set of wheels also has investment value.

Since classic and collector cars have different insurance needs than daily drivers, we offer policies through specialized carriers like Hagerty, Grundy, AIG, and Chubb. With these personalized policies, owners have protection based on factors pertinent to collector cars, including condition, miles driven, and market value.

Standard auto policies work on the premise that all vehicles depreciate, placing an “actual cash value” on the vehicle. Our collector car policies allow an agreed value based on market conditions. If your car increases in value, you’re able to increase your coverage. Additionally, premiums for dedicated classic car policies are generally less than standard auto policies.

So whether you own a classic car, modified collector car, replica, restoration project, or modern classic, CAV can give you peace of mind with a tailored classic car insurance policy.

Why insure your classic with CAV?

  • Thorough understanding of the collector car market
  • Agreed Value Coverage — together, we agree on a fair vehicle value. In the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive the full, agreed upon amount.
  • Specialized Trailer Coverage
  • Flexible Usage Allowances (no mileage limits)
  • Expert Claims Handling
  • A streamlined method to manage all your insurance needs (collector car, homeowners, auto, etc.)

As with any collectible, values fluctuate regularly. That’s why it’s important to track market prices and insure accordingly. At CAV, we love collector cars and follow market trends, and can help you accurately determine your vehicle’s insurance needs.

If you have a special vehicle you’re proud of, we’d love to meet you at our Wellesley office.

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