Does My Business Need Liquor Liability Insurance Before Hosting a Company Event with Alcohol?

Does My Business Need Liquor Liability Insurance Before Hosting a Company Event with Alcohol?

Hosting a Business Event? You May Need Additional Insurance


Many Massachusetts businesses host events, whether it’s for fundraising, raising awareness, seasonal celebrations, or otherwise. While providing food and drinks at these events is a common practice, business owners should be cautious when serving alcohol. Serving alcohol at a business event can expose your company to a variety of possible liability risks. If your business is planning to host a company event where guests will be offered an alcoholic beverage, you should protect your business by securing a liquor liability insurance policy.


Your business could be held responsible for alcohol-related incidents


When alcohol-related accidents result in property damage or personal injury, multiple parties can sometimes be held responsible. Along with the intoxicated individual, the following could be held accountable and sued:

  • The individual who provided alcohol – e.g. bartender or server
  • The company that provided the alcohol and employed the server – e.g. catering company
  • The organization who owns the property where the event was held – e.g. hotel
  • The organization that hosted the event – e.g. your business


If there’s an alcohol-related accident during your company event, there is a good chance business will be sued.


Liquor liability insurance can help


Before the event, your business can take out a liquor liability insurance policy for protection. In general, liquor liability coverage helps protect organizations from potential lawsuits that could be filed over alcohol-related incidents. While coverage varies from policy to policy, it’s worth talking to your insurance agent about the risks of your event and how this coverage can help. In many cases, your insurer in Massachusetts can offer temporary coverage that lasts between one and thirty days.


As a business owner, you always want to stay one step ahead. liquor liability insurance can help your business stay protected when hosting events. At CAV Insurance Agency, we work with each business to determine their individual needs and budget. Serving Wellesley, Needham, Natick, Brookline, and neighboring towns, contact us today on 781-237-4107 to get started.