Steps to Take Before Keeping Your Classic Car in Storage

Steps to Take Before Keeping Your Classic Car in Storage

Owning a classic car comes with major maintenance responsibilities. Protecting the car from extreme temperatures and exposure to environmental elements is crucial if it is to retain or grow in value. Here are the items you’ll need to keep your classic car in top shape while in storage.

Things You’ll Need

It’s important to keep your classic vehicle covered throughout the year to protect it from dust, rust, and debris. For the best classic car storage practices, you’ll need to invest in the following low-cost items:

  • Tarp or other covering
  • Cleansing agents such as baking soda
  • Car wax and lubricants
  • Towel made of microfiber cloth
  • Fuel stabilizer
  • Wheel blocks
  • Oil filter, oil, and lubricant
  • Vacuum cleaner

What to Do Before Moving Your Classic Car into Storage

Re-Assess Your Existing Classic Car Insurance

Most storage facilities need proof of insurance, so you must check whether your insurance is updated. Also, look for better insurance options not available at the time of purchase of the car. Ensure that you are paying the right price for the coverage.

Select the Right Storage Space

Choose an appropriate storage place to park your classic car, such as an indoor storage unit designed for climate control optimization. You can cover the floor with a plastic sheet to prevent moisture buildup from vapor that may otherwise affect the car’s underside.

Clean the Exterior of the Car Thoroughly

Wash off dirt and dust accumulated on your car’s surface thoroughly. Then apply protective car wax to the surface. Lubricate the doors and the hood to prevent them from jamming during storage. If the car is a convertible, pull up its roof, so the fabric does not shrink.

Clean Up the Interior

For a classic car to remain stunning, you should keep the interior spotless. Shake dirt and debris out of the floor mats. Vacuum the interior periodically, then wipe surfaces with a microfiber towel. Clean vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces with a conditioner. Leaving a box of baking soda in the car prevents the musty odor that may develop during storage.

Check the Tires

Monitor the condition of your tires, which can crack if they remain dirty. Tires can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a tire brush. Check their pressure and fill them with air if needed.


Check Your Car Regularly

Inspect your car from time to time for any maintenance and storage issues. You can also check the oil and fuel level and disconnect or remove the battery when not in use. Keep the vehicle stable with wheel blocks, and jack stands. Be sure to cover the tailpipe and the car completely.

Ensure the vehicle is insured properly, even if all you plan to do is store it in the garage and display it at car shows. Contact our experts at CAV Insurance Agency to get personalized classic car insurance in MA today!

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