Tips for Safely Storing Your High-Value Vehicle

Tips for Safely Storing Your High-Value Vehicle

Whether you own a vintage vehicle, supercar, or an antique truck, it’s likely you want to protect your beloved auto as much as possible. It may have been a sizeable investment, and keeping it well-maintained is at the top of your priority list. It’s essential to protect it from theft or damage by storing it in a safe, dry, and protected storage facility or garage. However, it’s not just any ordinary vehicle. It’s your extraordinary vehicle that requires special care and attention when storing away. Keep these tips in mind when deciding where to leave your high-value vehicle.

Storing Away Your Valuable Vehicle

 Make sure it has an alarm system

When choosing a place to store your vehicle, you want to be sure that the space has a centrally-monitored alarm system for top security. The system should include magnetic contact sensors on all exterior doors and windows, glass breakage sensors, heat sensors, and smoke alarms. A cellular backup communication device for signal continuity offers additional protection in case the connection is disabled. The more security, the better. To prevent your vehicle from getting damaged by a fire or stolen by a crafty thief, the space should have top-rated alarms in place.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby

Regular fire extinguishers use a fine powder spray to put out the flames. While these are highly effective and come as standard, they can have a detrimental cosmetic effect on your vehicle. Fire damage can be damaging enough without hurting your vehicle’s paint job. To protect your vehicle from cosmetic damage and to effectively put out a fire, opt for a ‘clean agent’ fire extinguisher that uses inert gas to put out small fires.

Ensure it has sufficient space

Ideally, your vehicle should have plenty of clearance room around all of its sides. Avoid parking it right up against walls or cabinets that restrict the air circulation. Try not to put items on shelves or racks above your classic car, either. Leave room between cars if you are storing more than one in your garage.

Choose a climate-controlled facility

Although cars are tolerant of all the elements, if you’re looking to keep your car in the best condition, you should control the temperature and humidity in the storage facility. Temperature swings and damp air can hurt your car in more ways than one. Determine the best cool and dry climate conditions for your vehicle and keep them steady.

Frequently update the appraisal and review your auto insurance coverage

With time, your high-end vehicle may become significantly more valuable. Having an up-to-date appraisal and Agreed Value insurance coverage will help to ensure that your vehicle can be replaced or repaired if something happens to it in the garage. Without keeping on top of your vehicle’s value, you could be left without sufficient coverage if the worst does happen. With the right insurance, you will be able to restore your special vehicle to its classic condition both quickly and efficiently.

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