6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Classic Cars

6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Classic Cars

There are several good reasons for buying a classic car, such as investing in something that grows in value. Not many products on the market today are potential future money makers, except certain car models that grow in demand as they become rare.

Here are six reasons why you should buy a classic car.

  1. You will love driving it

    One of the most celebrated advantages of buying a classic car is that it returns you to an era when driving a car was more of a human sensory experience than a modern tech experience. The cars of the last century made you feel vibrations and hear noises generated from the vehicle interacting with the environment. It added a soundtrack to the adventure. By contrast, today’s tech-oriented vehicles are difficult to distinguish from riding in an elevator.

  2. You will look unique

    Even though classic cars aren’t necessarily the best for smooth driving or comfort, they usually stand out as unique in a neighborhood. Nostalgia is a continuum for many car enthusiasts as certain models never go out of style. If you enjoy getting attention from strangers, classic cars are good at attracting a wide range of eyeballs. People love taking their pictures with classic cars and posting them on social media.

  3. You can get discounted license plates

    When you purchase a classic car that’s at least 50 years old, you can get a discount on license plate fees in certain states. In Florida, a 30-year-old vehicle can be considered antique. It’s possible to match your classic car with antique license plates found via your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

  4. You can sell your classic car at a higher price

    Investing in a classic car is an excellent way to build a growing asset. At some point, you may want to sell it at a higher price than the total amount you spent on it. The value will likely increase if you keep the vehicle in good aesthetic and functional shape. Rare models command the highest values and are easy to predict regarding value growth.

  5. You can repair them easily

    Even if classic cars never roll on the streets, they require periodic maintenance and checkups. Considering the last century’s models and maintenance standards, cars were much easier to work on than modern cars designed with digital technology.

  6. You can join a membership club!

    Another benefit to owning a classic car is that it puts you in a niche group of people who appreciate the history of automotive design. The enthusiasm for classic cars shared by the group fuels community interests and traditions. Like-minded classic car owners can establish relationships through exclusive memberships. These owners can form business alliances to profit from organizing classic car shows in their communities.


Are you thinking of buying a classic car sometime in the near future? Remember that even if you park your classic car in the garage and never drive it, you’ll still need to protect its value with insurance. Contact our experts at CAV Insurance Agency to get a specialized policy to protect the value of your classic car.

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