Small Business Cybersecurity: 3 Risks to Watch

Small Business Cybersecurity: 3 Risks to Watch

What small businesses should know about cybersecurity.

Why would anyone want to steal your company’s data? Believe it or not, but every small business has or is connected to data that is worth stealing. You may have heard horror stories at giant companies being taken down by hackers and crackers, but it’s not just the large corporations that are at risk. Even small businesses should do what they can to protect themselves and their valuable data against cybercriminals.

Cybercrime can cause massive damage to a young business’s reputation, such as a loss in assets, expenses to fix the damage, and stained status. To help keep your small business safe, check out these risks to watch.

Personal data

Your company will have a lot of personal information in customer databases, employee records, and vendor information. Sensitive information like phone numbers, addresses, and even Social Security numbers could be stored in your unprotected files. Ensure that these files are stored in a safe location, password protected, and that employees get adequate training on how to keep data protected.

Wandering eyes

If you have a retail presence and take credit cards, you should ensure that your business equipment is safe from anyone who may want to tamper with it to gain access to credit card information. Be on the lookout for wandering eyes when credit cards and PIN numbers are involved.

Practice good cyber hygiene

Keeping your digital systems clean can help to protect your business’s health. Security tools should be regularly maintained, employees should be trained on how to spot suspicious activity, and disaster recovery plans should be in place.

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to cybersecurity. Mitigating these risks can help you and your business to stay safe. For the business insurance your company deserves, contact CAV Insurance, serving Wellesley and beyond.