Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Fire Hazards

Habits You Didn’t Realize Were Fire Hazards

Review these fire hazards to protect your home.

There are many well-known potential fire hazards in the home from candles, the stove, and hairdryer. However, there might be more risks in your home and daily routine than you previously thought. Here are some surprising everyday appliances and habits that could your home at risk of a fire.

Connecting extension cords to each other. It’s important not to ‘daisy-chain’ your power strips – to connect one strip into another. Connecting cords overloads the plug, which can cause a short circuit that can result in a fire. If you need more outlets, seek a qualified electrician to install some.

Untidy kitchens. Kitchen clutter can interfere with basic activities such as cooking and cleaning. Kitchens are the number one place where fires start in the home, and cooking equipment has a lot to do with it. Keep flammable objects, such as paper towels, pot holders, and recipe cards, at least 3 feet away from the stove and microwave.

Oil-stained linens. Materials that are stained with cooking oil, grease, gasoline or cleaning agents can run the risk of causing a fire when run through the dryer. Any items that have suffered stains may need to be cycled through the wash a few times to ensure that there are no flammable remnants. If you are still concerned after a couple of washes, let the items hang dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

Home fires occur daily across the nation. While you can be careful, accidents happen. Fortunately, homeowners insurance can step in to help if you do experience a home fire. Insurance is designed to repair and replace your home’s structure as well as belongings that are damaged from the fire. For a quality insurance policy, visit the team at CAV Insurance in Wellesley MA.