Is Your Valuable Art Insured Correctly?

Is Your Valuable Art Insured Correctly?

Insurance Coverage for Items of High Value


Even if you do not think of yourself as a collector, a few pieces of fine art, antique furniture, or valuable objects around the home warrant special financial protection. After all, accidents happen. Should something happen to your precious pieces, you want the peace of mind that insurance in Wellesley Hills, MA will step in to help recover the costs. Insurance, therefore, tends to be the most beneficial for protecting your valuable items.


A common misconception among collectors is to assume that a homeowners insurance policy will cover the value of the artwork. You may not think you need separate insurance for the pieces, but even the most robust homeowners insurance policies will have limitations regarding fine art and high-value items. Most standard home insurance policies:

  • Cap limits on contents coverage. A few paintings or even one unique piece could be enough to exceed those limits.
  • Take into account depreciation of the items.
  • Require a deductible before coverage can respond.


Fortunately, there is a policy out there specifically for art collectors. This coverage can help collectors to protect their pieces and offers the peace of mind that it will help repair or replace the artwork. Look out for the following benefits in fine art insurance policies:

  • Coverage for all types of collectibles and art media.
  • Worldwide protection – so your artwork is safe even when it’s out of your home.
  • Immediate coverage for new acquisitions.
  • Coverage for items in transit.
  • Coverage for items when on loan for an exhibit.
  • Value-added services to complement your coverage.


When it comes to treasured works of art, it always pays to speak to your insurer. Insuring expensive artwork need not be complicated. For more information about coverage, open our personal insurance page in a new tab on your browser. Contact CAV Insurance on 781-237-4107 for all of your insurance needs in Eastern Massachusetts.