Preparing Your Small Business to Reopen

Preparing Your Small Business to Reopen

Large and small businesses have been hit hard across the nation thanks to COVID-19 – and it’s no surprise. With stay-at-home orders and work-from-home enforcements, the economy has nosedived. However, every day there is good news and things are getting better. Once the pandemic has passed, your business will need to be ready to reopen and hit the ground running to make up for lost time. To prepare your business for the post-COVID-19 world, here are some tips to help.


Get Your Business Ready for Reopening


Review customer lists – Customer lists are invaluable for many businesses. They make repeat business possible, but only if they’re up-to-date. Make sure that these lists have the business-critical information you need for each of your customers, including the customer’s name, address, mobile number, and email address, and verify that the information is accurate. This might also be a good time to check in with your customers. Ask about their future needs and let them know where your business stands.


Connect with suppliers – If you rely on a supply chain, you will need to stay one step ahead of the curve by keeping in contact with the suppliers. Check that they are ready to go, too, as some may not open at the same time you do. Reach out to new vendors when primary suppliers may be unavailable.


Communicate with employees – While you should stay in contact with your employees regularly to check in on their productivity and wellbeing, when you are preparing to reopen, you will want to ramp up your communications. Let them know of the safety precautions you’ll be taking once you open your business back up.


Take a detailed property inventory – Now is the time to review your business assets and make sure they are insured to their full replacement value. This essential step will help ensure that your commercial property policy is up to date should your property become damaged due to a covered loss, such as fire, theft or vandalism.


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