How to Prevent Fires During Building Renovation Work

How to Prevent Fires During Building Renovation Work

When planning home maintenance or a renovation project, it’s possible to overlook the importance of safety by getting carried away. However, the risk of fire during building renovation is very real. Around one-third of house fires are caused by a third party working in the home, homeowners need to supervise all contractors to avoid potential fire hazards. Safeguard your property by ensuring all contractors follow these safety tips.


Renovation Fire Prevention


Discard oily rags properly. Rags that have been soaked in solvent and oil need to properly be disposed of. They have the potential to spontaneously combust, even under normal weather conditions. The warmer the weather, the quicker the rags can reach ignition temperature. Used rags should not be allowed to pile up around the house, garage, or construction site because of the flammable risk.


Store products and supplies safely. Paints and solvents should not be kept near heat-generating equipment such as furnaces, water heaters, or vehicles. Products and supplies should be kept in clean, dry, and cool areas and placed out of the way of foot traffic at all times.


Maintain a clean worksite. All worksites should be kept clear of tripping hazards and unused tools, whether it’s a commercial or a private property project. Ensure that fires are not being used as a disposal method and that wood shavings are being removed daily.


Ensure there is a fire extinguisher on site. Make readily accessible fire extinguishers, hoses, and make sure that everyone knows how to use them and when. For example, water extinguishers should not be used on electrical fires.


Implement a no smoking policy. Smoking is one of the leading causes of fire-related fatalities. This also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Ask the contractors not to smoke or vape on, in, or near the property.


Understand what is being used. Know what flammable materials are being used. Ask that all flammable paints be kept off the site if this is possible.


Know how to handle a fire. If a fire does occur, you and the team should know who will be responsible for calling the fire department, who will deal with the fire, and who will set the evacuation plan in motion.


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