What You Should Know About Selecting and Installing a Home Generator

What You Should Know About Selecting and Installing a Home Generator

If your home didn’t have all the electrical systems working, it wouldn’t be the same. Imagine if there was no heating, no lights, no internet connection, or TV. You couldn’t charge your laptop and your digital surveillance system has gone offline. Your home’s sump pump wouldn’t be able to work, so your property is vulnerable to flooding, too. To avoid this situation, many homeowners get a home generator that can help when the power goes out.


As well as securing homeowners insurance in Wellesley, MA, you should consider a home generator that can help when the unexpected happens. Be aware of these factors for selecting a home generator.


What should I look for in a home generator?


Before you buy a generator, you will need to work out what you need.

  • Wattage – Determine how much power is needed to run everything you want.
  • Equipment – If you want to run sensitive equipment such as computers or TVs straight from the generator, then look out for inverter generators for sensitive electronics.
  • Fuel – Do you want a generator that is powered by petrol or diesel? Generally, diesel generators tend to cost more than petrol ones, however, diesel models will give you a considerable saving on fuel. If you’re not looking to power lots of appliances, then you may be better offer with a petrol model.


Automatic or portable?


Generally, an automatic generator provides numerous advantages over a portable generator. Firstly, they are safer. Portable generators have a high risk of leaking carbon monoxide, whereas automatic models do not. Also, automatic generators start and stop automatically, giving you total peace of mind. Within seconds of a power failure, the permanently installed generator will kick into action, and supply power to your home. Once power is restored, the generator will turn off.


Do I need a permit?


Generally, you will need a permit and may need to let your electricity supplier know that you have installed a generator. If you have a professional install the system for you, he or she may obtain the necessary permits on your behalf, but be sure to confirm this with them.

With a generator, you don’t have to be without electricity when there are storms and planned power outages.

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