How to Protect Against Car Hacking

How to Protect Against Car Hacking

The rise of technology has also given rise to hackings that occur on a daily basis. With the sheer amount of smart technology that automobiles come equipped with these days, the idea of car hacking is not science fiction anymore. It’s not hard to see why hackers have become so ambitious when it comes to car hacking, either. A few seconds of smart coding that gain entry to a vehicle worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Car owners, especially those with newer models of tech-filled vehicles, should know how to protect against car hacking.


Protection Against Automobile Hacking


How are cars hacked?

There are several cybersecurity threats to vehicles due to the introduction of high-tech computer systems in modern cars. Car hackers have made it easier to break into and take control of vehicles at a distance, which means car owners are concerned about their privacy and safety.


How to protect from car hacking

Although the likelihood of a hacker taking control of your vehicle while you’re driving is slim, the threat of theft is real. It’s incredibly important to take the old-school approach of attaching an anti-theft device to the steering wheel. That way, if a hacker does gain entry to a vehicle, they are unable to physically move the car.

Additionally, you should remain aware of software security updates provided by the automaker. Most vendors offer links on their website to download the software onto a personal USB flash drive that can then be inserted to the USB port in the car. When updates are available, be sure to download and upload as soon as possible as they frequently fix bug issues and improve security.

As tempting as it may be, avoid installing software in your car that has not been approved by the manufacturer. Diagnostics software to monitor your car’s performance and different entertainment software are popular, but if they have not been approved by the manufacturer, then you are open to risk. Third-party apps could have vulnerabilities that your car’s software cannot address.

These are just some ways in which you can protect your car from hacking. 

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