What to do After a Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident

How to handle getting into a car accident.

For a minute, life stops. You don’t remember how you got to this moment, but here you are. When you’ve just been in a car accident, not only are you one of the unlucky people, but you’re likely to not know where to start to recover your car. How you react can prevent further injuries, reduce costs, and accelerate the clean-up and repair process.

If you’re involved in a traffic collision, try to remain calm, and follow these steps:

  • Keep an emergency kit in your glove compartment, including pen and paper for taking notes.
  • Pull to the side of the road and out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  • Turn on your hazard lights and set out cones, flares, or warning triangles if possible.
  • If anyone is injured, call an ambulance.
  • Exchange information with the other drivers that were involved in the crash, such as name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and license plate number.
  • If there is any damage done to the cars, take photos on your phone.
  • File an accident report. Once the police are on the scene, ask for a copy of the report, and jot down the officer’s names.
  • Call your Insurance Agent or Company.


The whole insurance process is smoother if you know the details of your coverage. Don’t wait until after an accident to find out that your policy doesn’t automatically cover costs for towing or a replacement rental car. Let your insurer know that you’ve been in an accident and follow the policy procedure.


Make sure that your company has your version of what happened and check your policy for your deductible limits. Work with a company that’s dedicated to securing the quality auto insurance that you and your vehicle need and deserve. Contact the professionals at CAV Insurance, located in Wellesley Hills, MA.