What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

What Collectors Should Know About Classic Car Insurance

Protecting Your Classic Vehicle


Are you the proud owner of a classic car? Maybe you’ve been thinking about purchasing one before the warm weather months hit Massachusetts? Whatever the case, there are some things you should know about insuring your classic car. Auto insurance in Wellesley, MA can be tailored specifically for your classic car, meaning that you get custom protection for your one-of-a-kind ride. To help, we’ve noted a few things that collectors should know about classic car coverage below.


  • Coverage is not expensive.

It’s a common misconception that simply protecting your vehicle will cost you a fortune because the vehicle is a collectible. Believe it or not, but insuring your classic car doesn’t need to cost the earth. Most insured pay less for their classic automobile in comparison with the car they drive on a regular basis.


  • Limited use of the vehicle is expected.

Most car collectors take great care of their vehicles and don’t like to drive them just to run to the supermarket. Insurers expect classic cars to be driven less frequently than your commuter car, and coverage is priced accordingly. Typically, collectible car policies have mileage tiers starting at 2,500 per year, and higher tiers can be purchased.


  • Coverage should be expressed as an agreed value.

If you are looking for higher value coverage, you will need to have the vehicle independently appraised. Unlike regular cars that lose value the minute they are driven off the dealership lot, collectible cars can appreciate in value over time.


  • Interested in racing? Talk to your insurer first.

Generally, classic car insurance will not cover your vehicle in a race. Until you’ve confirmed you’re protected, no racing!


  • Claims happen most frequently on your property.

Classic cars of often cooped up in the garage more often than they are cruising the open road. Damage to classic cars tends to happen on the owner’s property rather than the road, making the nature of most claims very different from a typical Massachusetts auto insurance policy.


At CAV Insurance Agency, protecting your classic car comes naturally. We have access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy, and AIG, these carriers these carriers offer policies designed specifically for your collector car they take into consideration the limited seasons we have up here to drive these cars. At CAV Insurance we serve motorists from Dover & Sherborn to Wellesley, Needham and Weston and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of collector car insurance expertise to work for you!