Do I Need Classic Car Insurance When It’s Tucked Away for Winter?

Do I Need Classic Car Insurance When It’s Tucked Away for Winter?

Keeping Your Classic Car Covered Over Winter

Your classic car is already prepped and safely in storage. You’ve completed the essential checks and you’ve tucked it away for the winter. After all, the harsh winter conditions, road salt, snow, and ice are not ideal if you want to keep your classic car in pristine condition. You may be thinking that now it’s away for a couple of months, do you need to keep your collector car insurance active? Here’s what you should know.

You may not drive your classic car until spring rolls around, but the reality is that it’s a good idea to keep vehicles insured regardless of whether they’re currently being driven. It’s tempting to cancel your classic car insurance policy if your vehicle isn’t in use during the winter, but remember that it is still at risk of damage tucked away in the garage.

To save on premiums until you are driving the vehicle, you can consider lowering or temporarily dropping the liability coverage in your policy. However, if you plan on taking your vehicle out for a spin when the road conditions are dry, you will need to keep liability coverage in place. Driving your car now and again can help to avoid brake and clutch seizures, keep the mechanics lubricated, and avoid tire flat-spots. Only idling the car without driving it may actually present corrosion issues as the engine will not reach full operating temperature.

However, you should keep comprehensive coverage in place. In our area the most common comprehensive claim we see in the winter is a tree falling on the car or rodent damage to the car.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. In New England we all know that the weather is unpredictable, and we can get those 60 degree days in Febuary. If there’s any chance you’ll pull your vehicle out of storage for a quick drive through Dover on days like these, then leave coverage as is.

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At CAV Insurance Agency, protecting your classic car comes naturally. We have access to specialty companies such as Hagerty, Grundy, and AIG, these carriers these carriers offer policies designed specifically for your collector car they take into consideration the limited seasons we have up here to drive these cars. At CAV Insurance we serve motorists from Dover & Sherborn to Wellesley, Needham and Weston and neighboring towns. Contact us today and let us put our decades of collector car insurance expertise to work for you!