A Brief Guide to Ring Appraisal for Insurance

Ring appraisal for insurance purposes is an important step in protecting your jewelry with adequate scheduled personal property coverage. If you haven’t insured a valuable before, you can make appraisal less intimidating by familiarizing yourself with the process. Let’s start by clarifying some common misconceptions about appraising jewelry and the various insurance requirements. Beware of […]

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How to Preserve Different Types of Art

Whether you have a collection of paintings or an array of paintings, photographs, and sculptures, it is wise to take steps to preserve the different types of art. There is a great importance of preserving art that every collector takes upon themselves. Collections that are unique and valuable need to be stored correctly in order […]

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5 Reasons to Have a Jewelry Appraisal for Insurance Purposes

You'd probably prefer not to think about your jewelry being damaged, destroyed, or lost during a catastrophe, but it's prudent to be prepared. Whether you've spent years building your fine jewelry collection or have recently acquired your first exquisite piece, you should insure each item of value, just in case the unexpected happens. To do […]
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