The 10 Most Expensive Collector Cars Auctioned in 2021

The 10 Most Expensive Collector Cars Auctioned in 2021

The high-end collector car market resurged in 2021, with the top ten cars going for no less than $6 million, while the top two were sold for eight figures. Conversely, only three cars exceeded $6 million in 2020. This resurgence was largely driven by the Monterey RM Sotheby’s Portola Hotel & Spa auction. Six of the ten cars were sold during the August Car Week auction at Monterey. The takeaway from 2021’s top 10 high-end market sales is that the segment has bounced back after a stagnant 2019 and a dismal 2020. Here are the 10 most expensive classic cars sold at auction in 2021.

  1. 1985 Ferrari 250 GT TdF Coupe

    Bid price: $6000 000 at Monterey

    Ferrari enjoyed unmatched racing success in the ’50s, especially at the “Tour de France Automobile,” leading Ferrari to name its 1985 competition car the 250 GT TdF. This 1985 Ferrari 250 GT TdF Coupe was ordered by Jacques Peron, a French industrialist. While Ferrari failed to include many of Peron’s design ideas, he used the car in the 1958 Tour de France and finished fourth. Peron later sold the car to David and Mary Love, who used it as a historic racer for four decades, and Patrick Ottis restored it to its initial colors.

  2. 1955 Jaguar D-Type Roadster

    Went for 6,000,000 at the 2021 RM Sotheby’s Otto Car Club auction (Scottsdale)

    The D-Type comes from one of Jaguar’s most glorious eras – between 1955 and 1957. D-Types won Le Mans three consecutive times. Additionally, they are some of the most beautiful cars. However, their market prices have slipped a bit. For instance, three years ago, this 1955 Jaguar D-Type Roadster was auctioned for $8.85M. Besides, the other D-Type in the auction went for just $ 1,099,025.

  3. 2010 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 F1

    Went for 6,480,100 at the 2021 RM Sotheby’s British Grand Prix auction (London)

    Touted as the first grand Prix-winning and Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 car ever auctioned to the public, the 2010 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-25 F1 topped the Turkish Grand Prix while being driven by Lewis Hamilton. It was also involved in Lewis Hamilton’s exhilarating wheel-to-wheel battle with Michael Schumacher during the Chinese Grand Prix, the only time the two F1 champions met.

  4. 1972 Matra MS 670

    Sold for 6,782,929 2021 Artcurial’s Retromobile auction (Paris)

    This 1972 Matra MS 670 won the 1972 Le Mans Hours. After the historic win, it was owned by Matra, and it was displayed at the car maker’s museum until the Matra team started restoring it in 2002. Unfortunately, in 2003 Matra ceased its operations, and so the restoration work was never completed. After Matra’s ex-employees successfully sued the car marker and won a $4,744,278 judgment over the factory closure, Matra was forced to sell this legendary 1972 Matra MS 670 to pay for the judgment.

  5. 1955 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione by Pinin Farina

    Sold for $7,008,672 at the RM Sotheby’s Guikas Collection 2021 auction (La Castellet, France)

    Fitted with chassis #0385, this was one of the six prototypes of 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione built and displayed at the 1955 Turing Motor Show. It’s a forerunner to the renowned GT Berlinetta Competizione Tour de France. Ferrari restored this car in the 70s after it was damaged in an accident, and it’s now Ferrari Classiche-certified.

  6. 1966 Ferrari GTB Long Nose Alloy Coupe

    Bid price: $7,705,000 at Monterey

    This car is one of the 12 prototypes that came with a 250 LM-type dry-sump Tipo 213 engine. It has a rich history; it was a class winner at 24 hours of Le Mans in 1967. It also won the 1000 KM of Spa-Francorchamps and 500 KM of Imola in 1969.

  7. 1962 Ferrari 286 SP Spider

    Bid price: $7,705,000 at Monterey

    This car is the only original model remaining of the six V-8 aerodynamic sharknose racers built. Its coachwork was built by Fantuzzi and it raced in the 24 Hours in 1962 and SCCA Class D Modified Championship in 1964. It has only been owned by two individuals since 1969.

  8. 1962 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Coupe

    Bid price: $9,520,000 at Monterey

    This car was one of the 19 left-hand Aston Martin DB4GTs whose bodies were built by Zagato. It was a class winner in the 1962 Brands Hatch and it’s one the most stunning Astons ever built.

  9. 1959 Ferrari 250 California LWB Spider (closed headlight)

    Bid price: $10,840,000 at Monterey

    This car is one of the 50 LWB California Spiders built, and one of the few that came with race-ready features.

  10. 1955 McLaren F1 Coupe

    Bid price: $20,465,000 at Monterey

    This car is one of the 106 McLaren F1s built, and it only has 242 miles (390 kilometers) on its V-12, 627-horse power engine. With a $20,465,000 price tag, this is the priciest McLaren ever auctioned.

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