Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Summer Home Safety Tips for MA Residents

Home Security Tips for Summer  

Summer is just around the corner! With the weather warming up and summer break almost here, it’s time for families and individuals to enjoy the season. As you enjoy the summer months, it’s important to keep home safety in mind as incidents could ruin your summer fun. From locking your doors to securing reliable home insurance in Wellesley, MA, here are a few summer home safety tips for summer.

Prevent Bike Theft

Do the kids like to ride their bikes outdoors during summer? Perhaps you enjoy outdoor sports? It’s easy to leave your bikes and other sports equipment out on the driveway or in the front lawn as you head inside to cool off. However,  it only takes a few seconds for a thief to spot the bikes and walk away with those expensive items. Get into the habit of promptly putting the bikes away in the garage or shed and locking the door before resting.

Secure the Garage

Garages are often left open during the summer months, whether it’s cause you need the ladders and tools for a DIY project or because you forget. Most garages are filled with valuable items such as tools, spare keys, equipment, and more. Even if the thieves don’t enter the garage while it is open, that open door may give them a peek at the valuables inside and make your home a target for a later break-in. Keep your garage closed when possible for your own safety and your security.

Keep Vacations Quiet

Summer wouldn’t be complete without some time away from home. Whether you’re just leaving for a day trip to Boston or you’re venturing overseas for a couple of weeks, it’s best to keep those plans private. Sharing your exciting vacation on social media can make your home an easy target for thieves. While it can seem tempting to post about your break, it’s best to wait until you’re back home before sharing pictures online.

Lock Up

It’s natural to open the windows and doors during summertime to let fresh air into the home. However, if you are in the backyard, it only takes an opportunistic thief to spot that your front door is unlocked and that valuables lurk within easy reach. If you’re going to spending time in one part of the garden or home, ensure that all the doors and windows not in use are locked. Invest in a quality air conditioning system to cool the house instead of relying on open windows. Additionally, before you leave for vacation, ensure all of your windows and doors are locked – you’d be surprised how many homeowners forget that their bathroom window is wide open.

Find Quality Insurance

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and belongings from theft. For the quality coverage you need in Wellesley and beyond in MA, contact the industry professionals at CAV Insurance. We are here to protect your family, finances, and assets.