Will My Car Insurance Cover Me After My Car Registration Expires?

Will My Car Insurance Cover Me After My Car Registration Expires?

Your car insurance will cover you as long as your policy is active and you pay premiums on time. Your car registration and your car insurance have no direct connection. So, you don’t need to worry about your expired or soon-to-expire car registration, as it will not affect the extent of coverage. However, there are some important facts you must know about car insurance and car registration. Let us discuss them.

Possible Consequences of Driving with Expired Registration

While your expired registration will not affect your car insurance in any way, it may lead to a small penalty or minor ticket. Generally, you may receive a non-moving violation, but it will not affect your car insurance cost.

Driving without insurance attracts greater penalties than driving with expired registration. This is because expired insurance will keep you liable for the losses and damages if you get into an accident. Moreover, if you are caught by the police while driving without a valid insurance policy, you will have to pay higher penalties and your insurance costs may increase in the future.

Besides these, the police officer will ask you to show proof of insurance and might check your driver’s license and vehicle’s VIN against DMV records to determine whether your car is properly registered. In such circumstances, if they come to know your vehicle registration has expired or you don’t have insurance proof, you may have to face severe consequences, including fines and vehicle impoundment.

So, to avoid such consequences, it is good to drive with valid insurance and registration.

Is Insurance Mandatory for Vehicle Registration?

While most states require insurance proof for vehicle registration, some states demand it for issuing a permanent license plate. So, having a valid car insurance policy is crucial to streamline your vehicle registration and license processes.

How Much Do You Need to Pay to Get a Vehicle Registered?

It may cost $50 to $100 on average. You can either get registered online or at the Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on your state laws and regulations. While vehicle registration is valid for one year, some states are now offering a two-year registration certificate. As a car owner, you must keep your vehicle registration current by renewing it on time, either every year or two years.

While car insurance and registration are not connected, both of them are required to drive legally. So, get comprehensive car insurance coverage, submit its document to the DMV department, and get your vehicle registered.

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