How to Reduce Risks to Your Business Vehicles

How to Reduce Risks to Your Business Vehicles

These practices, paired with commercial auto insurance, help to reduce the risk to your business vehicles.

With over 240 million registered motor vehicles in the United States, it’s clear that many businesses are on the move – literally. Whether you own or lease a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles, it’s important that you protect your company, assets, and employees. Luckily, commercial auto insurance in Renton can help you do just this. But, to lower the risks of getting into accidents and mishaps that cost your business time and money, follow these top practices.

Driving Rules

  • Require all employees to wear a seat belt. This measure can help prevent deaths and limit the severity of injuries in an accident.
  • Enforce a zero-tolerance policy. Make it clear that drinking and driving under the influence will not be tolerated.
  • Prohibit all cell phone use behind the wheel. Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents.

Vehicle Guidelines

  • Allow enough travel time between meetings, assignments, and delivery dates so that no employee is tempted to speed.
  • Limit the use of the vehicles – only drive them for business-related activities.
  • Employees should always lock the vehicles when on the job, and park in well-lit and secure areas.

Hiring Advice

  • Before hiring employees to drive company vehicles, interview each applicant and perform the necessary checks – driver’s license, references, background, et cetera.
  • Provide training to all employees, no matter their skill set.
  • Establish a program that recognizes and rewards safe drivers.

While you work on lowering the risk of accidents in your company, talk to insurance professionals for information on how to safeguard your business from the inside out with business insurance. Contact the team at CAV Insurance, serving Eastern Massachusetts.