4 Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy

4 Reasons to Keep College Students on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto Insurance in Massachusetts for College Students 

Whether your child is off to Babson College, Boston University, or UMass Amherst, going back to college is an exciting time. Although your child may not be taking a car to school, there are several reasons to keep these students on your auto insurance in Massachusetts. Take a look at just a few good reasons to keep your child on your car policy.

  • They may come home to visit

Although they are studying hard now (hopefully), there will come a time when he or she wants to come home during the school year, whether it’s for a short weekend visit or a longer school break. When they visit, they are likely to want to drive one or more of the family cars. It’s important to note that even when children are away at college, they still maintain a legal residence at your home. As a result, they must be listed on your auto insurance policy to be covered. As we all know, without auto insurance, they are not covered and should not drive.

  • They may drive a friend’s car

Even though your kids don’t have a car a school, their friends may. Perhaps your child needs to drive their friend’s vehicle to run or a quick errand or because they are a designated driver at a college party. Keeping your children active on your policy ensure that they are properly protected in case of an accident.

  • Continuous insurance coverage history looks good

If your child has a lapse in auto insurance coverage, it could hurt their chances of getting affordable rates in the future. To an insurer, consistent insurance coverage (without claims and accidents) can help to lock in a low premium.

  • It can be more affordable.

Keeping your college-age children on your policy may not be as expensive as you think. Many insurers offer student driver discounts, meaning that you can enjoy low premiums while your child keeps their coverage! Ask your insurer about possible savings.

Whether your child just graduated Wellesley High and is off for their first year, or your child graduated from Dover Sherborn 3 years ago and is going back for their senior year kids going back to college can be a stressful time for parents. Reduce the stress and contact CAV Insurance Agency to learn more about auto insurance for your college kid’s needs.