Protect Your Home For Summer Vacation

Protect Your Home For Summer Vacation

Gearing up for a summer vacation? Be sure to protect your home!

Where is this summer taking you? Many people go on holiday over the summer months, whether it’s a tropical, action-packed, or relaxing holiday. Time off work and school makes it ideal for families, couples, and individuals alike. While you’re packing to head out on holiday, ensure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your home.

Ask a friend. Ask a relative, friend, or trusted neighbor to visit your home a couple of times a week. He or she can water the plants and check that the home is safe and sound.  This is one of the top six tips to prevent burglaries from one of our carriers, Chubb Insurance.

Limit social media messages. It’s possible for anyone to see your social media profile and messages. Posting about an upcoming vacation may get you in the mood for fun, but it makes it easy for thieves to know when your home will be empty. Instead, post pictures about your holiday when you’re back home.

Remove the key. Now is the time to remove the spare front door key hiding underneath the welcome mat. Thieves will take advantage of scoping out places to hide keys, so be sure to protect your home from uninvited guests!

Unplug and shut off. Before you leave, unplug minor appliances (TV, chargers, some lights) and shut off the water supply. This will decrease the risk of your home suffering damage.

Make it look lived in. You don’t want people to know you’re away while you’re away. Combat this by setting lights on a timer to turn on at night, and consider lowering or turning off your telephone ringer. While you’re at it, cancel mail and newspaper deliveries.

Pack discretely. Take care when loading up the car with luggage. You don’t want to attract any unnecessary attention to indicate that you’re leaving. Don’t leave the trunk open while you bring out suitcases. Instead, try to pack up your supplies while your car is in the garage, if possible.

Another step you can take to protect your home is to review your homeowners insurance policy before you head out for vacation. You’ll want to ensure that your coverage is suitable for your needs while you are away from home. Fortunately, it takes a simple phone call to secure the right coverage. Talk to the professional team at CAV Insurance to secure or update your homeowners insurance policy in Wellesley Hills and neighboring cities in Massachusetts.