Hail 101: Who’s at Risk and Preventing Damage

Hail 101: Who’s at Risk and Preventing Damage

It’s not unusual for short-lived but violent storms to break out within moments. Quite often, parts of Massachusetts experience hailstorms throughout fall and beyond. With great intensity, these ice pellets plummet from the sky and can cause damage to homes, gardens, and vehicles. While it’s not in human power to command the weather or prevent pounding hailstones from damaging your property, you can at least take adequate precautionary measures to minimize the harm.


Hail Risk and Preventing Damage


Who is at risk?

Unfortunately, you can’t escape the elements. Every home and business is susceptible to hail damage, which is why it is important for everyone to be proactive with damage prevention plans.


How can hail damage be prevented?
  • Inspect and maintain your roof – Inspect your roof regularly and take immediate measures if you notice a problem. Replace broken and damaged shingles without delay. If there are leaks in the roof, correct them now. Ensure the overall condition of the roof is good and that the chimney can be closed if necessary.
  • Maintain the trees – Eliminate the risk of trees or branches falling on your home during a storm by pruning trees and shrubs back. Get rid of diseased and dead branches that could easily snap off in a storm.
  • Keep gutters and drainpipes clear – Make sure water can drain away from the house quickly by clearing the gutters and drainpipes of dirt and debris.
  • Create a disaster preparedness plan – When the hail arrives, your family members should know how to handle it. Create a plan that you will all stick to. Identify the safest places in the home and the shortest escape routes. Always stay under cover during a hailstorm. Discuss with your household members where you’ll seek shelter if you are caught outside during a storm.
  • Prepare an emergency kit – Hailstorms have been severe enough to bring down power lines, leaving homes without electricity for days. When this happens, you’ll be thankful you prepared an emergency kit full of non-perishable food, water, blankets, a first aid kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, a portable radio, basic tools, and any prescription medicines.
  • Cover vehicles – Protect your cars, boats, and RVs by putting them into a garage before a hailstorm arrives. Hail could damage the paint and high winds could pick up objects and blow them into your vehicles.
  • Close windows and doors tightly – This will prevent rainwater and flying debris from getting into your home and causing damage inside or hurting someone. Close the blinds and curtains – if hailstones break the windows, you will have some protection from the shattered glass.


We hope that these tips help you to protect your property from hail. In any case, having the right homeowners insurance can help if the worst happens. When you’re ready to secure the right home protection, contact the team at CAV Insurance, serving Wellesley, Weston, and neighboring cities in Massachusetts.