DIY Hacks to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

DIY Hacks to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

Get your home ready to survive storm season.

Massachusetts is no stranger to a bit of inclement weather. What many homeowners forget is that their properties need a little bit of help to get ready for the upcoming storm season.

If you wait until storms are predicted on the weather forecast, you might be left scrambling, and many things may get overlooked. Before the hurricane is on its way, make sure you have the following in place.  

Restock the car’s emergency supply kit. Your vehicle should always have the essentials on hand, including a First Aid kit, non-perishable food, plenty of water, blankets, a hand-cranked radio, and a flashlight. While preparing for a storm, check that the snack bars are still good, refresh the water, and replace the batteries in the flashlight.

Remove hazards. Remove any items in your yard that could potentially be picked up by strong winds. Store lawn furniture, grills, and trash cans inside. While you’re at it, secure loose rain gutters and seal the roof, too.

Trim trees. Strong winds can cause trees and branches to fall, so be sure to remove damaged trees and limbs that hang over your property. Not only could weak branches become flying debris, but loose branches could fall onto your home from above.

Microchip your pets. In an emergency, you and your pets may get separated. You can reunite sooner by micro-chipping your pets!

Store your car. Park your car in a garage or on higher ground to prevent it from getting trapped in flooding. It’s also wise to avoid parking underneath trees as storms could weaken the branches enough to fall down. 

Make a plan. Everyone in the home should help to create an emergency plan so that they know what to do should a disaster occur. A meeting point and an emergency contact person should be established beforehand. You should look into alternative routes should roads be closed, and pet-friendly motels in case you need to evacuate the house.

Review insurance.
The best way to prepare for an emergency is prevention. While you can get your home ready, secure homeowners insurance! From hurricanes, windstorms, and other natural disasters, homeowners insurance is there put your mind at rest.

Visit the professionals at CAV Insurance to get started on the right home insurance policy to protect it through storm season and beyond!