Do You Need a Plug-in Home Freeze Alarm?

Do You Need a Plug-in Home Freeze Alarm?

A freezer alarm is insurance for a relaxing winter vacation.

If you don’t want to spend this year’s winter vacation worrying about frozen pipes in your home, a freeze alarm is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to protect your house and belongings from heat and power outages. If you’re leaving your home for a winter holiday, a freezer alarm is especially important.

Freezing pipes are a major concern for homeowners in the winter. Frozen pipes can burst, leaving expensive and extensive water damage to the property. If you want a way to get advance warning that the temperature in your home is dangerously low so you can remedy the situation before your pipes freeze, you need a freeze alarm.

A freezer alarm (also known as a ‘low-temperature alarm’) is designed to give you advance warning if the temperature in the temperature dips dangerously low, but before your pipes freeze (and then proceed to crack and burst). For a small investment, you can get a freeze alarm to protect your home from frozen pipe damage.

Frozen pipes that burst can result in costly damage to walls, floors, fixtures, and furniture. It is estimated that the average homeowner’s claim for water damage due to frozen pipes is a whopping $15,000.

There are many different freeze alarms on the market, ranging from $50 to over $400, depending on how intricate you want your alarm to be. Ideally, you want to pick up a plug-and-play setup that requires little maintenance, but with all of the added features of tracking temperatures. If you do choose a plug-in home freeze alarm, you should place it by the boiler in the basement, near the sump pump, or in the attic. There are additional plugins that can monitor floods as well as motion detection that will alarm if an intruder enters the house.

Winter can cause havoc to homeowners and their properties, so don’t wait until the cold snap comes in before thinking about getting prepared. Freeze alarms are a wise investment that can protect your home from costly water damage that can ruin your home and treasures – as well as your holiday!

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