Petersen Museum Hosts the Ultimate James Bond Car Collection

Petersen Museum Hosts the Ultimate James Bond Car Collection

When Dr.No, the premier James Bond movie, was shot on the island of Jamaica in 1962, the production budget was just 1 million pounds. Because of this somewhat limited budget, the production crew had to depend on the generosity of Jamaicans for cars. In the franchise’s first-ever chase scene, Sean Connery is cruising in a Sunbeam Alpine borrowed from a Jamaica resident, who happened to be one of the few sports car owners on the island. This was before carmakers paid and battled each other for their vehicles to feature in 007 movies. Today, the cars featured in Bond movies are as celebrated as the stars. James Bond has driven some of the most exceptional vehicles you can think of, from Aston Martins, Lotus, BMWs, to Jaguars.

America’s Largest Bond Vehicles Exhibition to Date

To celebrate the James Bond franchise’s 60th anniversary and the “No Time to Die” release, the Ian Fleming Foundation, EON Productions, and the Petersen Museum have partnered together to host America’s largest Bond vehicles exhibition to date- “Bond in Motion.” The exhibition was curated to showcase over 30 incredible motorcycles, cars, submarines, boats, planes, and helicopters that 007 has piloted in almost every Bond film. Most of Bond’s amazing driving antics were achieved without the help of computer-generated images (CGI), which many of today’s automotive action movies rely on.

Notable Showpieces

The “Bond in Motion” exhibition in Petersen Museum displays many unique vehicles created solely to be used and even destroyed in the making of James Bond movies. The automobiles, boats, subs, planes in the collection include the 1977 Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine and Bath-O-Sub Escape pod from The Spy Who Loved Me, 1985 Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights, 1999 BMW Z8 from The World Is Not Enough as well as a 2019 Aston Martin DB10 from Specter.

One-of-a-kind Exhibition

Also on display are the famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 featured in numerous Bond films, the Deux Chevaux camera car from For Your Eyes Only, and DBS from Quantum of Solace are also on display. DHL, which sponsored the event, ferried eight vehicles from the UK purposely for the show. This exhibition is unique because it accompanies the items on display (the cars, boats, motorcycles, flying machines, and submersibles that enabled Bond to pull off all those exciting chases and getaways) with reruns of the Bond movie in which they featured.

Celebrating a Global Cultural Icon

According to Petersen Museum’s executive director, Terry L. Karges, James Bond is a global cultural icon, and his vehicles are an essential part of his makeup. And so the Petersen Museum is excited to display so many of the iconic James Bond cars. There is something for each generation of Bond fans. Hosted in the museum’s Mullin Family Grand Salon, the “Bond in Motion” exhibition will run from 25th September 2021 to 30th October 2022. The tickets cost $11 for kids, $14 for seniors, and $16 for adults. If you can’t make it to the exhibition, don’t worry. Many of the Bond cars, including the DB5, are on display in the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, which premiered on 8th October 2021.

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