Learner’s Permit Insurance for Teen Drivers: Why Is It Needed?

Learner’s Permit Insurance for Teen Drivers: Why Is It Needed?

Learning how to drive is an exciting time in a person’s life. Obtaining a driver’s license is a recognized symbol of independence in society. However, driving can be a dangerous endeavor. Research shows that motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause of death amongst teens in the U.S. Purchasing a learner’s permit insurance adds a layer of protection, letting you drive with peace of mind because you know you are covered against the unexpected!

The Importance of Learner’s Permit Insurance

Having auto insurance is essential while you put in hours of practice learning how to drive. There are minimum auto insurance requirements in each state. Once you get a little comfortable on the road, you can apply for a driver’s permit. Learner’s permit insurance protects you if you accidentally injure others or cause damage to their property while out on the road.

On the other hand, your parents may decide to add you to their auto insurance policy. They may receive a favorable rate by doing so. You’ll also have access to the same coverage as your parents. It also allows you to establish your driving history, which should help once you apply for your insurance policy in a few years.

Are There Any Advantages to Purchasing a Separate Policy?

Getting your policy as a permit holder means expensive premiums in most cases. However, it may be the most likely option if

  • your parents aren’t insured
  • you live on your own
  • you have already paid for your vehicle

The last point is important because many auto insurance companies will classify you as a licensed driver despite only having a permit if you already own a car.

Coverage Options

As previously stated, each state has its own learner’s permit insurance regulations. It’s recommended that you contact the local DMV to learn more. The auto insurance coverage you need while driving with a permit depends on several factors, including the amount of driving you’ll be doing and the type of vehicle you’re driving. Minimum liability coverage is a legal requirement. Young drivers are expected to make mistakes on the road. However, liability coverage will provide protection during major mistakes such as accidentally hitting someone or another vehicle. Adding full coverage through collision and comprehensive insurance is also recommended.

Other Things to Consider

Be aware that some states have laws that limit the amount of driving young teens can do. The legislation generally centers around the number of driving hours young teens are allowed. Young drivers who have advanced past the permit stage may be eligible for a special license until they fully obtain their driver’s license. If you have this special license, you should also be able to drive with a limited number of passengers in the car.

Consult with CAV Insurance Agency, Inc.

While obtaining your learner’s permit gets you a step closer to your official goal of getting your driver’s license, purchasing insurance takes some pressure off in case of a mistake. If you have questions regarding learner’s permit insurance, contact the team here at CAV Insurance Agency, Inc, and we will assist you!