The Importance of an Employee Handbook

The Importance of an Employee Handbook

Check out the reasons your organization needs to have an employee handbook.

Creating a company employee handbook can seem like a daunting task, but having one brings many benefits. It is an important communication tool for employers and clarifies the requirements and expectations of an employee. Ultimately, having an up to date employee handbook will stand the employer in good stead in the case of any action taken by employees.

Here are more good reasons why your organization should have an employee handbook.

It introduces employees to your culture, mission, and value.
An employee handbook is an excellent tool for new hires. They provide a comprehensive and time-efficient induction and training resource and also provide line managers with an easy-to-access reference to company policies. The introduction section of an employee handbook will answer these questions:

  • What do we do that sets us apart?
  • How did the company get here?
  • What are we passionate about?
  • How can I, as a new hire, become a part of this culture?

It communities to employees what is expected of them.
A well-written handbook provides employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities. The handbook also serves as a compass for the organization’s policies and procedures. It also communicates an employee’s general responsibilities regarding safety, timekeeping, and reporting. Clear information ensures companies continue moving in the right direction.

It helps defend against employee claims.
Unfortunately, employers should consider it a matter of when, and not if, they will face a lawsuit or similar challenge from a current or former employee. When this happens, one of the most useful documents you can provide your attorney or third-party investigator will be a copy of your handbook. The employee’s signed acknowledgment page will show that the employee had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the organization’s policies, a chance to ask related questions, knew whom they could turn to for help within the organization, and agreed to follow the terms and conditions of employment set forth by the organization.

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