How to Keep Your Workplace Free From Accidents

How to Keep Your Workplace Free From Accidents

Safety comes first, especially in the workplace.

You may believe that your office is as safe as can be – but every business owner thinks this way. Unfortunately, offices and work environments are prone to disasters. Although you may do your best to keep a clean, tidy, and safe space, accidents do happen. Fortunately, you can dramatically lower the risk of accidents by taking certain precautions.

To better protect your employees, visitors, and business’ financial future, read the following safety tips.

Prevent musculoskeletal disorders. There are tools designed to work with the body’s natural movements that can minimize the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. Consider investing in ergonomic equipment and examining workplace design to help reduce worker fatigue, increase productivity, and avoid injuries.

Tidy up. Every day, perform a walkthrough of your office or worksite to look for cords that can trip employees, surfaces that are slippery, dust that accumulates, and wires that may be a fire hazard. Routine inspection can go a long way in preventing needless injuries.

Climb the ladder. Approximately 65,000 workers go to the hospital every year due to ladder-related accidents. Teach your employees to inspect every ladder for broken rungs, missing bolts, and other broken parts before using it. Always stabilize a ladder on even ground, and insist that at least one other person be present when an employee is using a ladder. 

Keep your cool. Take preventative measures when working in the summer heat. Stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and wear lightweight clothing. Tents and umbrellas will help shade your workers from the beating sun.

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