How to Inventory Your Belongings for Insurance Purposes

How to Inventory Your Belongings for Insurance Purposes

Record Your Home Belongings for Your Insurance Policy


Keeping track of your home belongings may seem like an overwhelming task but it’s much better to be safe than sorry. The whole reason you have homeowners insurance in Wellesley, MA is to protect your belongings and property from damage and loss. If the worst does happen, you can turn to your home insurance to help pick up the pieces. It’s far wiser to safeguard your assets now before something happens. Having a home inventory list on hand makes the filing process much quicker and easier – helping you to get back on your feet that much quicker. To help you compile a home inventory without it appearing as a daunting task, we’ve broken it down into quick and easy steps.


  • Use an App

Get tech-savvy when documenting your belongings. The app Sortly allows you to easily create, manage, and update a home inventory. You can look up items by location or product information, scan product barcodes, and know the exact contents in your house or storage unit. A home inventory has never been so easy!


  • Document Your Belongings

Take pictures and/or videos of each item. Having a visual record helps to evidence for your list and can be useful for the insurance company when assessing the value of claimed items.


  • Update Regularly

Taken a box of belongings to the charity store? Bought a new top-of-the-line electrical device or an appliance? Be sure to update your inventory regularly, remembering to remove or add items. Part of what makes a home inventory so important is how relevant and recent it is.


  • Assess Coverage

While a standard home insurance policy will protect belongings, it’s best to check whether you have enough coverage. Homeowners often underestimate the value of their belongings and a standard policy may not cover the cost of replacing these items. If you have items of high value, such as jewelry, artwork, and expensive technology products, you may need to have then scheduled on your policy to ensure these items have coverage.


  • Store it Safely

It’s a good idea to keep several copies of your home inventory just in case something happens to the original. Keep both a paper and electronic copy handy, making sure to email yourself a copy of the inventory. This helps you to access it quickly when you need it the most.


We hope that these tips helped you to prepare a home inventory. With some preparation, your belongings are more likely to be covered by your homeowners insurance in case of a loss. When you’re ready to secure the right home protection, contact the team at CAV Insurance, serving Wellesley, Weston, and neighboring cities in Massachusetts.