How Reckless Driving Impacts Auto Insurance Rates

How Reckless Driving Impacts Auto Insurance Rates

Finding affordable auto insurance is difficult for most people due to the various factors insurers consider when calculating premiums. If you have a careless driving violation on your record, it will be very difficult for you to find low auto insurance rates. If you were issued a ticket for reckless driving, it might impact your auto insurance rates for an extended period.

Reckless Driving Explained

Reckless driving involves situations where you fail to adhere to safety regulations while on the road. Common violations include running a red light, stop sign or lane drifting. Distracted driving is another example of careless driving that could potentially have fatal results. In some states, there are different classifications for careless driving and reckless driving. Reckless driving may be classified as more severe acts, such as driving under the influence or drag racing. Being cited for a serious offense could lead to fines, a suspended license, and possibly jail time. Multiple violations on your driving record are damaging to your auto insurance rates.

How may your rates be Impacted?

While insurers will assess various factors when calculating your auto insurance premium, including your car’s make and model, usage, and location, your driving history is among the most significant. If you have a clean driving record, you’ll be less risky to the insurance company, which should help you secure low insurance rates. However, your premiums will be higher if you’re classified as a high-risk driver due to multiple violations on your driving record. Some overlooked violations impacting your premiums include tailgating, making an improper turn, and driving through a yield sign. It would help if you spoke with your insurance agent, as some potential violations may not drastically raise your premiums, such as parking tickets, noise violations, and driving with a broken light. The amount that your premiums may increase after a violation depends on the state that you reside in. Research shows that being convicted of a serious violation may cause your premiums to rise by over 20%.

Expiration Dates

Once you have been cited for a driving violation, you can expect a change in your auto insurance premiums within a few months. Insurers will look at any driving violations you’ve cited within the last three years. Once your auto insurance premiums have been adjusted, you must practice safe driving habits. Stopping at red lights to avoid potential accidents and obeying the speed limit will help change the perception that you are a careless driver. Once you have driven for an extended period without being cited for any new violations, your premiums will start to decrease.

Things to Consider

If you don’t agree with one of the violations on your driving record, contact your DMV to see if you can have it removed from your record. If you believe that you were unfairly denied coverage, you may enlist the services of an attorney to represent you.

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Careless driving could have long-term consequences. It would be helpful if you always practice safe driving. If you’re looking for auto coverage, contact the team at CAV Insurance Agency to get all your questions answered, and we will assist you in the best way possible.

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