How Insurance Can Help Maintain Your Classic Car

How Insurance Can Help Maintain Your Classic Car

Tailor Classic Car Insurance Coverage to Your Maintenance Needs


Running a classic car can be a rollercoaster of emotions. On the one hand, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the golden age of motoring. On the other, you may find your classic car to become a labor of love – or at worst, a financial nightmare. When your classic vehicle needs repairs and maintenance, you may find that even if the price of the vehicle hasn’t gone up, the cost of repair has gone through the roof. There’s no doubt that classic cars are high maintenance, but how can your classic car insurance in Wellesley, MA help?


Classic car repair costs are on the rise. In addition to a higher standard of care, the number of specialist mechanics is dwindling. There are fewer people with the skills to actually repair these unique cars, and not just replace parts. Those people are hard to find, and may charge accordingly for their specialized services. The good news is that your classic car insurance coverage can help. Your policy should contain wording that would allow for specialized parts to be ordered or a specialized mechanic to be used if it is involved in a collision and is damaged. This is because the labor rate to repair a collector car is substantially higher than it would be for an everyday mass-market car.


Typically, a good classic car policy will also allow the collector to repair the vehicle whenever they want. Whether the car owner wants to take his/her vehicle to the most qualified shop in the country or a shop that specializes in that type of vehicle, the policy should be able to agree to the owner’s preference. More often than not, a client will want to take it back to the person who did the work originally, but if they don’t know, the insurer will be able to advise on recommended repair shops.


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