What Essentials to Keep in Your Car

What Essentials to Keep in Your Car

Items to Stock Your Car’s Emergency Kit

The emergency situations that drivers encounter on a daily basis are innumerable: wrecks, traffic jams, flooded roadways, icy conditions, a dead battery, and so on. Whether your commute is just a couple of miles or an hour on the Mass Pike, you never know when a disaster is about to strike. Before you head out on your next journey, take the time to prepare a car emergency kit. Although your auto insurance in Wellesley, MA can help you in unexpected situations, an emergency kit on hand will provide reliable resources for accidents and breakdowns.

Reflective Triangle – Ensure you have a reflective triangle (or a few) in your trunk. These can be put behind your car to alert other drivers that you have stopped on the road.

Map/Sat Nav – It’s wise not to always rely on your smartphone for directions. For longer road trips, it’s incredibly important to have a backup map available in case you get lost.

Jumper Cables – In the event that your car gets a flat battery, having a set of jumper cables is essential. Alternatively, you can pack an emergency battery booster so you don’t have to rely on a Good Samaritan coming along.

Flashlight – Keep a flashlight in your car at all times as you never know when you’ll need it. Aim to keep a fresh set of batteries in your vehicle, too. If you can, choose an LED flashlight as it uses battery power more efficiently.

Water – Keep plenty of drinking water in your vehicle. This will come in handy while you’re broken down and waiting for roadside assistance, or when your vehicle overheats. You can pour a little into your radiator to keep the motor running until you arrive at your destination.

First Aid Kit – Bandages, alcohol pads, medical tape, gauze, and basic medicines can address a variety of emergency situations on the road. You never know when you may encounter another motorist who needs medical attention or suffer a minor injury while changing a tire.

Non-Perishable Snacks – Nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit provide a quick snack in case you are forced to spend your afternoon stuck in your car miles from the nearest exit.

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