Do You Need Personal Cyber Coverage?

Do You Need Personal Cyber Coverage?

Personal Cyber Insurance Coverage is on the Rise


As technology has become increasingly integrated into people’s lives, the risks that sensitive personal data could be compromised, including Social Security numbers and bank and credit card information, have continued to rise. The theft of personal data can have serious financial consequences, with cybercrimes affecting individuals and costing them thousands of dollars. One way to protect yourself is through personal cyber insurance.


What is personal cyber insurance?

A personal cyber insurance policy is designed to provide financial reimbursement for the costs associated with the theft of digital information and assets up to your policy’s limits. There are many ways cyberattacks can result in monetary loss, ranging from the theft of bank account funds to payments made after extortion through an anonymous online threat.


No two personal cyber insurance policies are created equally. However, most will generally cover expenses for:

  • Personal and home protection
  • Extortion
  • Financial loss from fraud


How do I get personal cyber coverage?

Although cyber insurance is a growing market, not all insurers offer personal cyber insurance as it is still a relatively new line of coverage. It is best to work with your trusted agent at CAV Insurance Agency to find and secure the right form of coverage that suits your needs and risks. We are professionals in this coverage, and go the extra mile to ensure you have the right policy in hand.


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