Preparing Your Teens for a Safe Driving Experience

Preparing Your Teens for a Safe Driving Experience

Car safety for teens starts with what you teach them. You are your teen’s first role model when it comes to driving. They watch and learn from everything you do. When it’s time for them to start driving, you must know what insurance you need for them. As their first teacher, it’s up to you to teach them the skills they will need.

What to Know and Expect as the Parent of a Driving Teen

You will also need to ensure that your teen knows what is involved in driving and what responsibilities rest on their shoulders. They will need to know the road rules and what they will have to watch out for a while driving. Putting them behind the wheel as much as possible once they have their permit will ensure they get to experience as much as possible before you send them out on their own.

Essential Skills

Your teens will need to know many essential skills when it comes to driving. While your teen may learn much of what they need to know by listening to their driver’s education teacher, they will also learn a lot from you.

Their Vehicle

You must teach your teen basic vehicle maintenance. This includes checking all the fluids, changing a tire, and knowing what to look for if you believe something is wrong. Teach them how to use a tire pressure gauge and what all the lights on your dashboard mean.

Basic Operations

Before going on the road, they must learn how to brake and use their turn signals. Hands-on experience is the best teacher. Find a large parking lot and allow your teen to practice their new skills, including how to park and back up. They will need to learn how to focus on their work with few distractions.

Interacting with Others

Your teen will also have to learn how to interact with others properly. Defensive driving skills are important; they must learn how to maintain a safe distance between their car and other vehicles. Dealing with other drivers at intersections may also be a challenge. They should know how to do three-point turns and U-turns if they get into a situation where they have to change direction.

Learning to Park

Your teen will need to learn three main types of parking: angle parking, 90-degree parking, and parallel parking. Allow your child to take their time when learning to park. It can be frustrating at first, but they will eventually get the hang of it.

Advanced Skills

Driving at night or in the rain and snow is an advanced skill because teens have to acclimate to a brand-new environment. Snow and rain can cause the road to be slippery, and your teen may feel uncomfortable at first. Taking things slow is the best way to learn the necessary skills to feel comfortable driving in new conditions.

Responding to Emergencies

Emergencies may occur when your teens are driving. Teaching them how to control their car during a storm or as they pass an accident site will help them be more responsible drivers. It’s also important that your teen knows how to respond if a tire goes flat while driving, and they should also learn how to change it if needed.

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