6 Important Home Security Tips

6 Important Home Security Tips

Protect Your Property with These Simple Solutions


As a homeowner, you do what you can do protect your most valuable asset. You lock the doors at night, install floodlights, and have reliable homeowners insurance in Wellesley, MA. Even so, accidents happen. Even with the best security in the neighborhood, thieves may still target your property. Your home is valuable – along with everything and everyone inside of it, which is why it’s important to take even more steps to ramp up your home security. When you’re looking to quickly and easily safeguard your property and possessions, take a look at these important home security tips.


Tend to the yard with safety in mind. Walk around your property and look for any weaknesses. Are there potential hiding spots for thieves around doors? Are ladders easily accessible so that the open window on the second story can be reached? Remove the clutter from the yard that can be used to reach windows and clear away any overgrown shrubs.


Get to know your neighbors. Take the time to engage with your local community. Encourage them to watch out for any suspicious activity. Offering to watch their house will often mean they are willing to watch your property when you’re away, too.


Light it up. Thieves thrive in darkness – so make sure your home has ample lighting! Install motion-activated sensors around doors and windows that will catch movement and automatically turn on. Also, consider using automatic timers or smart lightbulbs that can be controlled remotely when you’re away from home to make your property look as if someone is inside.


Avoid advertising your new purchases. Thieves look for and steal newly-delivered boxes on your front porch, a method called porch pirating. Consider having your packages delivered to somewhere else, such as work, or asking the post office to hold your packages until you can pick them up.


Establish a safety routine. Make sure you get into the habit of locking all of the doors and windows and turning on your alarm system when you leave your home. Avoid leaving spare keys outside as thieves know most of the potential hiding places.


Review your home insurance. Your home policy works hard to protect your property and will step in if the worst happens. Make sure to update your home inventory often, particularly after the gift-giving season, so that all of your belongings are covered. Talk to your insurance agent about your insurance, making sure you have optimal cover.


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