4 Top Tips for Collecting Sports Memorabilia

4 Top Tips for Collecting Sports Memorabilia

Essential Tips When Building a Sports Memorabilia Collection


Collecting sports memorabilia is something that prevalent in the sporting world, regardless of sport, team, location, or region. There’s a lot of sports memorabilia to collect for the avid fan, which means it’s a good idea to plan things out before you start building your collection. Collecting sports memorabilia can be a fun and exciting hobby, as well as being a possible lucrative investment, too. Take a look at these tips as you expand your valuable sports memorabilia collection.


  • Choose a theme

Your collection should be a reflection of who you are as a sports fan, what you’re are enthusiastic about, and what team you support. You’ll want to narrow it does so that you’re not just buying items at random, but that you have a consistent theme that is, in total, more valuable.


  • Don’t fake it

With the demand for sports memorabilia being so high as it is, there is a lucrative market for fakes. Be warned, some of the fakes look like the real deal and can be sold for a pretty penny to the untrained eye. Before you make any large purchases, make sure it is real. Research before you buy. Generally, it’s safest to purchase from the official stores or reputable organizations.


  • Determine a price range and budget

Realistically, you won’t be able to acquire every piece of memorabilia you want. Maybe you can’t find it, maybe you can’t afford it. Make sure that you have an overall budget and a reasonable price range to operate under when looking for items.


  • Insure your collection

A standard homeowners insurance policy will provide limited or no coverage for your valuables. If you have (or are building) an extensive collection, then it’s likely you’ll need additional coverage. Consider purchasing a rider that will protect your entire collection from damages from fire, theft, vandalism, and more.


Your local insurance agents in Wellesley are ready to help you find the right homeowners insurance that protects your property and beloved sports memorabilia collection. Contact us at CAV Insurance Agency to get started.