Upgrade Safety and Security

Installing a monitored security system and alarm connected to local authorities can significantly reduce insurance premiums

Smart Home Technology

Utilizing smart home devices like leak detectors and fire risk monitors can offer discounts on insurance policies

Wind or Hail-Resistant Upgrades

 Installing hurricane shutters, hail-resistant shingles, or siding can lower insurance costs, especially in high-risk areas

Electrical, Heating, and Plumbing Upgrades

Modernizing these systems can reduce risks of accidents and damage, leading to insurance savings

Energy-Efficient Improvements

Eco-friendly upgrades like solar panels and Energy Star appliances may lead to lower insurance rates due to reduced risks

Smoke Detectors and Sprinkler Systems

These fire prevention measures can significantly lower insurance premiums due to reduced fire risk

Eliminate Pools

Removing a pool can reduce risks and liabilities, thus lowering insurance costs

Fire-Resistant Building Materials

Using materials like stone, brick, or steel can reduce fire risks, leading to lower insurance rates

Storm-Resistant Windows and Shutters

These can protect against storm damage and may result in reduced insurance premiums

Deadbolt Locks

 Installing strong deadbolt locks can reduce the risk of break-ins, which may lead to insurance discounts​